Why video marketing is so flexible

We like to say that Video Marketing is the new PR. In fact when you see how flexible online video is, you might even think it’s better than traditional public relations.

The process of getting press coverage for any kind of organization has been getting much more difficult over the past ten years. That pretty much started when Facebook and Twitter came into the picture. If you choose to, you could reach your target audience without the help of traditional media such as TV, radio and newspaper. And you didn’t have to go through the proverbial rejections that anyone in PR has gone through with reporters.Video marketing companies in Boston

And then of course there is YouTube, owned by Google. So you can bet that when you search for something, videos will pop up because they own the platform. All this has caused traditional media companies to go into a decade-long tailspin of trying to figure out how to compete. Because they are losing money in ad revenue.

All this is just one reason why your organization needs to be working on some kind of video marketing online. Because that is where people are now…online.

Your Content Pros used to be called Greenwood & Associates and we mainly handled traditional public relations for companies as well as some nonprofits. But times have changed and we made the decision to focus our efforts of projects that we could have a little more control over and that was developing content. And part of that was video. Video was flexible, it was different in the fact that everyone else was just posting things to social media and it set companies apart.

Here are a few reasons why you should be implementing video into your marketing and public relations efforts:

Video can be posted anywhere:

The videos you produce for your business can be posted in multiple places. There was a time in the history of the internet when you were able to post a video to YouTube and that was it. Not anymore. Pretty much every social network in existence allows you to post video in some form. Say you shoot an educational video blog for your organization. You drop it up on YouTube. But don’t stop there. Drop that link in your LinkedIn profile as well as your business page. Write a blog about the topic and embed the video in your blog post. Create an email blast using that blog post and your video and have the reader click on the link that takes them to the full blog post and your video. And take your video file and upload that to Facebook. You just posted your single video at least five times.

You don’t need a big production:

Well-produced corporate videos are nice and they do in fact serve a purpose. (We’ve done a few…) But you don’t always need to be thinking big money for your videos. Yes a nicely produced corporate video can tell your story in more depth but sometimes you want to create a series of videos to help educate your potential customer and position your company as the go-to people in your industry. That’s when you sit down, put pen to paper and create a list of topics that your customers might be interested in. Topics that help them solve an issue or challenge in their business. Videos don’t always have to tell your story, they are great at helping your clients with their issues and concerns. These can be shot right in your office, ion a white screen background or you can get a little fancier with them and try different backgrounds with a green screen.

People get to know you:

Videos adds a human side to your marketing efforts. With videos, people get to know you and your team. That’s of course if you are in your own videos. Many times over the years we have spent a day or two at a company and we’ll just shoot video. We’ll interview staff and leadership and we’ll create countless videos from that video shoot. We’ll come up with educational videos, corporate style videos and quick little 30-60 second snippets to post to social media. Video puts a face on your organization.

Do you want to learn more about how we can help your organization with video? Are you frustrated with traditional public relations efforts? We have produced everything from short videos to help educate your customer, corporate style videos, videos to help market restaurants and foodservice and much more.

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