Why should I start a podcast?

A podcast is becoming an extremely effective tool for business. It positions you and your team as experts and trusted advisers. And in terms of content creation, it sets you apart from others and can allow you create multiple pieces of content off a single podcast. A podcast is quickly becoming one of the most effective PR tools out there today.

How does a ghost blogger work?

A ghost blogger will work with you closely to turn your thoughts into educational blogs for your website. In most cases, we’ll spend time with you to identify topics that will help move your business forward and then we’ll spend time interviewing you or your staff to get any important information we need. That includes background and key points to cover. Then we’re on our way.

Does a ghostwriter stay anonymous?

Yes…A ghostwriter will not take any credit for the work we produce for you. We realize that for many, writing is not their thing. We also recognize that writing takes time and thought and not everyone has the time to write consistently. You should also note that because we act as ghostwriters, we will not disclose who we write for, including you.

Do you post blogs to my social media sites?

We can post your blogs and videos to all your social media sites including any copy or description needed. There is a small additional charge to do so but it takes the headache away from you and gets another task off your to-do list.

What types of videos do you create?

Your Content Pros has created videos for many types of business. From educational video blogs, corporate style videos as well as many videos for the food service industry, our focus is creating great videos that fit into your budget. If however, you need a television commercial, we can refer you to our partners.