How to find time to write

In this fast-paced world we live in, thanks to social media and other distractions, we often have trouble finding the time to perform certain tasks both at home and in our businesses. And writing ends up at the top of the list for many. If you don’t absolutely love to write, then chances are you’ll end up doing other things with your time at work. Blogging services In Boston

Let’s face it. Some of us do love to write. We love stringing words together that flow into sentences and from there complete thoughts that can hopefully get our point across. And then there are those that either hate writing or feel they just don’t have the time. Or, maybe you do like to write but never feel there is ever enough time to get started.

With any type of creative task, there is a time and place to get the maximum results out of your efforts. You may not always be in the mood to go to the gym but you find a time that works for you, either before or after work. You find what works best for you.

Writing is the same. You have to find a time that works for you and that you can actually write something that others will want to read.

So here are a few tips for find the time to write and making the most of your efforts and creativity.

Have a content plan or at least a running list of topics.

How does having a list find you time to write? Very simple. It organizes your thoughts and it keeps your ideas in front of you. If you sit down to write a blog post, then try and decide what you’re going to write about, you could sit there all day before you come up with a topic you feel like writing about. I’ll mention carving out time to write in a moment but imagine setting a time to write your blogs, sitting down at your desk and saying, “now what…?” Create a simple spreadsheet of topics and keep adding to it. If you don’t want to create full calendar year, at the very least, keep a running list.

Put writing in your schedule.

Schedule a time at regular intervals to write. It could be writing your blog posts, that eBook or that guest article for a trade publication. But put it in your schedule and stick to it. If you are on a much larger project such as writing a book, we suggest blocking out entire days and even weeks. To block out days and weeks, you’ll need to get a ton of other work done ahead of time so these don’t get in the way of working deep on your project. You’ll want to focus intently on writing without being distracted.


One of the best ways to crank out a lot of content in short time is to do it all at once. We call it batching. Say you want to have one new blog post a week. Well then once a month, you schedule a day to write four blog posts. This helps in a couple ways. First, you write your blog posts and they are done. You don’t have to blog (unless you want to…) for another month. This also helps you get in the zone. You might not think hyper focus is a good but it is. When you start writing and that’s the only thing you need to do that day, you will get in the zone and you’ll write with ease.

You can also batch the posting of your blogs and the postings to social media. If you use WordPress, you can schedule all your blog posts to come out any time you want. And there are plugins that enable you to post to social media any time as well. Schedule it all and get back to running your business.

Get help.

If you still can’t seem to find the time or carve out time, you could hire a ghost blogger for your company blog or a ghostwriter if you need other writing done. Give them the information they need and they can be writing while you’re working on your business.

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