Why hire a ghost blogger?

We’ll fill you in on a little secret. Not everyone keeps their blog updated. (And that includes us sometimes…) We feel that for many companies, blogging and other writing takes a back seat sometimes to other marketing and public relations efforts. And then all of a sudden, you realize that you have not had a new blog post in months. Then you scramble to come up with a topic. We get it and we’ve been there.Ghost bloggers-Ghost blogging services

Unless your job description says that you’ll keep your blog up to date, that’s your job, and you have a plan to do that, in many cases, your blog will end up sitting there for periods of time with no fresh content. And let’s face it, there are just times when many of us just can’t seem to get the words out of our head. Writing is a creative art and creativity has its moments.

David Greenwood who runs Your Content Pros published the book Overcoming Distractions, Thriving with Adult ADHD. And one theme that kept coming back from the successful entrepreneurs he interviewed for the book was that you need to know your strengths and push off your weaknesses.

What’s the point?

If you can’t keep your blog updated and you have challenges coming up with ideas, then maybe it’s time to hire a ghost blogger. A talented ghost blogger will help your organization come up with ideas and topics, create an ongoing content plan and keep writing while you tend to other matters in your company.

A ghost blogger will also bring writing skills that you may not have in your organization. A capable writer will make the process of keeping your content fresh, they’ll do their research and they will put your thoughts and expertise into words.

A talented ghostwriter will also go out, do research and bring back ideas for you. Often we have found that a client doesn’t know what they know. In other words, they are in their industry day after day, doing great work but when it comes to putting that into words, many have a difficult time. A great ghostwriter will pull that out of you through extensive questioning and outside research.

How do you work with a ghostwriter?

Give them everything you got. Just because someone is a talented writer, doesn’t mean they know everything. They may not know the lingo that is commonly used in your industry and they may be unaware of various issues that are concerns in your industry. But, that doesn’t mean they cannot help you. A good ghostwriter will ask the right questions and get acquainted with your industry in short order. And if your industry is too technical for them, they should refer you to someone else.

Writing takes time, creativity and skill. And we recognize not everyone has that in them. Or maybe you just don’t want to write and you need to focus your time on other important issues for your company. Whatever the case is, hiring a ghost blogger is a smart decision.