We want you to know that we never disclose the clients we ghostwrite for. We tell you this for two reasons. First, we recognize that not everyone is great at writing. Some of us may really know our stuff and be great at what we do, but writing, might not be one of them. So we like for you to have the appearance that your wrote what people are reading. And don’t worry. Many professionals have their work ghostwritten. In fact, there are probably many books you have read over the years by famous authors that have been ghostwritten.

The second reason is that if you are looking for us to point you to some of our past ghostwritten work, or refer you to other clients so you can speak with them about our ghostwriting, we can’t for the sake of their privacy. We trust you understand this about the way the ghostwriting business works.

We work very hard to make you happy with our work but for whatever reason you are not, we are confident we can resolve our issues.