How to get more people to see your content

So you wrote a number of great blog posts. Or you decided to hire a ghostblogger to write them for you. In which case you spent time and money getting those blog posts written. Either way, you spent time or money trying to create content in the hopes that others will consume it.Ghost Blogging companies in Boston

Now what?

Unlike the famous movie says, build it and they won’t come. People do not just miraculously flock to your website, blog or YouTube channel. You have to promote what you create. So where can you post your content? Let’s go through a number of ways to get more eyes on the content you created.

Social Media Platforms:

Your content, whether it is a blog post or video will pretty much go nowhere unless you post it to all your social media channels for your organization. That includes your Facebook page, your Twitter account and your company LinkedIn page. You can place all the keywords you want in there in the hopes that the search engines will pick it up and place it in front of your perfect customer but that may be expecting a little too much.

Embed Videos:

If you do shoot videos, find a way to embed them in the pages of your website. As long as they make sense to the content on that page. The video will keep the viewer on the page longer and you’ll get more views on your content. You can also embed your videos in blog posts and straight to your social media sites.

Get your team involved:

I don’t think you can really force an employee to post your company content on their social media platforms but you can certainly ask. At the very least, you should be able to convince them to post your content on their LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn as we know is geared more toward business rather than a person’s Facebook account so you may have more luck asking them to post on LinkedIn. But again, ask. At the very least, ask them to “like” or comment on a post or video.

Post more than once:

In our opinion, if you are creating content, it should be evergreen. Meaning, it should last for a very long time. That means you should be able to constantly reuse your content. Not everyone is going to see your content the first time you post it and if you are active on social media, you’ll hopefully be gaining new followers as time goes by.

Schedule your content:

Scheduling your content will ensure that it gets out there. We know you are busy and many times the job of posting your blog or video takes a backseat to other important issues in your day to day business. Taking time, say once a week to schedule out your content means that you won’t have to do this every day and you’ll be able to keep track of what’s been sent out.

While you can schedule posts on your Facebook page, you can also use the services of Hootsuite or Buffer. Our favorite is Buffer. But there are others as well. Look around and find the one that fits you best.

Creating your content is just one part of the process. Getting it seen is another. Take the time to get your content in the right place, get your team behind the promotion of it and continue to post on a regular basis. Also, take time to adjust the times of day you post and see if that helps in your views, likes and comments.