There are many business publications that have a thirst for guest articles. And that puts you in a great position to show off your expertise to a targeted audience. You have a number of options when it comes to writing guest articles for publications. First, you can contribute to traditional publications. Then there are many online business sites that are always looking for great advice for their readers. And of course, you can write articles for local publications such as newspapers and regional business and trade magazine.

Publishing on LinkedIn

Another great way to utilize your expertise is to publish your articles on LinkedIn. Many executives do not tap into the incredible power of their own network. Many entrepreneurs, executives and thought leaders have established followings as well as enhanced credibility in their industry by publishing directly to LinkedIn.

Publishing valuable content on LinkedIn on a regular schedule is one the most underrated ways to tap into your network and the network of others. Hitting the publish button is only the first step. From there as your network views and engages with your content, others outside your network begin to take notice. If your content is valuable to them, you’ll continue to build your network.

We work with you to create a content plan, we ghostwrite your articles and post to LinkedIn. All you have to do is hop on a video chat with us.

Pitching to Publications

We have many years’ experience writing articles for others. We know what editors want and we know how to formulate a well written and engaging article. We can also help you pitch ideas to these publications, working with you and your team to come up with interesting topics that will catch the attention of editors.

In the world of traditional public relations, getting press coverage has gotten tougher over the past decade. But writing articles and submitting them to business and trade publications is still a viable option to get your name out there and position you as an expert.

How we work.

We do everything by video chat so we can record your thoughts and expertise and get everything just right. We work with you to develop your voice and uncover some of the best advice you have for your audience. If you are self-publishing or pitching to business publication, we get everything we need from you by video. We hit the record button so there are no mistakes!

All you have to do is talk, show us your expertise and approve the final product!

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